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Numerous styles, sizes and options to choose from so you can customize your Dutch Barn building to fit your specific use.

Many Forms, Many Functions... Dutch Barns buildings come in a variety of shapes and sizes because their customers use them for so many different things. It may not be just the square footage of floor space that makes it the perfect building. Other things to consider are the number and sizes of shelving (can cover entire walls), large loft-type shelving (good for storing away bulky, less used items), pegboards for hanging and organizing all kinds of tools and equipment, wiring needs and even increasing the height of the building for more storage space. Whatever your need, there is a Dutch Barns building to fit.

Sizes... Although sizes ranging from 6' x 8' through 16' x 32' are most common, there is no standard set of sizes. Since Dutch Barns is the manufacturer, the size you need can be built according to your specifications. Smaller sizes are typically delivered on a flatbed truck while larger ones are constructed on site. If you are not sure about access to your site or if the size you are interested in will fit on your property, don't hesitate to call. A Dutch Barn representative will be happy to do a site check (it's a free service).

Included In Base Price...

  • Delivery within 30 miles of the Dutch Barns store nearest you
  • Set up, including concrete blocks (piers higher than 3' charged per block)
  • Two gable end vents
  • Caulking
  • 5-Year Comprehensive Guarantee*
  • 5-Year Leveling Guarantee
  • 10-Year No Leak guarantee*
  • Treated floor structure
  • Tongue and groove decking
  • 25-year shingled roof (your choice of color)

*Unless building is vinyl, it will need to be stained within 90 days to validate warranties



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"I have never experienced a more professional, helpful, or friendly group of people in any major purchase I have made as a homeowner (20 years)."
-Cheryl B. Oates

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